Fast forward to 2015

My beloved parents and brothers safely in heaven, it was time to start our serious search for our little slice of heaven in Maine!  We had made numerous trips to Downeast in the previous years and had not lost our enthusiasm for the area.  We did a lot of research on the Downeast area trying to decide where to start our search.  We knew that the farther downeast you go from Bar Harbor, the more affordable the land.  We also knew that as we aged we would need good health care nearby and we knew we would like to have some adult education, volunteer, and cultural opportunities.  We settled on Machias as the epicenter of our land search.  Town of Machias  At the last census, Machias had 2200 inhabitants, a small hospital accompanied by a veteran’s home, a nice array of family practice physicians and specialists, and the University of Maine at Machias.  And it doesn’t even have a traffic light!  It would be a welcome change from the congestion and traffic of the Houston to Galveston corridor! Of course, some of our family and friends thought we were nuts for considering moving to such a cold climate but we moved forward with our search.

We arrived in Machias in September and met up with our real estate agent Karen from Remax.  Karen cheerfully and patiently showed us about 10 properties in the area, and drove us back to our favorite two to see them at low tide.  The first lot we chose proved too difficult and expensive to build on because of a lovely little stream that ran through it on its way down to the bay.  Maine has very strict laws about building near any body of water and img_1435unfortunately the little stream ran right through the middle of the property.  We ended up making an offer on the second choice (which actually was my first) and it was accepted after a little negotiation.  The lot is 5.6 acres on Little Kennebec Bay on Holway Point.  The owner of the lot sent word that she would entertain offers on the second adjacent 5.6 acre lot so we ended up buying it too!  The original lot had a driveway in already, a clearing for a home, a well, and electricity to the building site.  We were now owners of our little slice of Paradise!  Now on to decide what kind of house to build!


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