A log home … to be or not to be.

Another dream I have always had is to live in a log home.  My family did a lot of camping out west while I was growing up, and I always loved the look of a log structure.  Bryan’s major requirements of a home are energy-efficiency and low maintenance.  We contacted a log home company in Maine to start discussing the feasibility of building a log home.  After discussing the concept of log homes with the owner of the company, we were convinced that logs are inherently well insulated and, with the proper insulation under the roof, we could have a warm and energy efficient home.  After deciding on the plan, the owner began the process of getting bids on the job from contractors in the Machias area.

After a couple of months of bids that shocked even the owner of the log company, we decided to regroup and explore other options.  We had become completely debt free several years before in anticipation of our retirement, so the thought of putting the proceeds from the sale of our League City house into a new home and still having a big mortgage to pay afterwards did not appeal to us.  Meanwhile, we began to get our current home ready to put on the market.

And more importantly ….. I retired in November of 2015!!  I had been practicing as an RN non-stop for 44 years, and as much as I loved my position in the NASA Johnson Space Center Flight Medicine Clinic, it was time to retire.  I threw myself a retirement party at a waterfront bar and restaurant down on Galveston Bay and I was
touched by the number of relatives, friends, coworkers, and patients who came to


My beloved co-workers and our favorite (well – one of our favorite) patients, astronaut Clayton Anderson.

 my party.  I was showered with gifts most of which had to do with cold weather, and by astronaut crew pictures which will someday hang in the study of our dream home!  One of the hardest days I’ve ever had to get through was the day I carried all my belongings including memorabilia from many spaceflights to my car and drove off site.  I ended my career with a job that was unlike any other on earth, and I feel very enriched by the experience.


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